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The thing is...I have no idea what the Registry is, how it slows down my PC performance, and where it hides you-know-what. But I could tell my PC was definitely being stuck in some problems. Now here comes this cleaning tool, I finally realize a computer does pile up invisible stuff during your long-term use. Sometimes it's like a sloppy kid, who never does the room cleaning unless you tell him to. Agree with me? Then you're totally going to use Registry Nuke.

Erin Chesson

I'm sick of deleting those crazy registry entries item by item after I installed a bunch of programs, and forgot to dump the trashes in time. I suppose Registry Nuke is what I'm asking for, a shortcut developed for lazyboots. It's quite convenient and looks not bad by the way. Try it yourself to see if it works for you.

Philip Hobbs

Some people know how to clean the Registry by opening the Registry Editor, while some don't, just like me. I never thought that my computer could be sped up without restoring the system, until I found this amazing cleaner on a website, and it fulfilled my needs very effectively. I believe there're still many of you troubling about the same problem, so this is my recommendation.

Elder Delorme

I have been annoyed by some creepy error for a long time. It kept appearing every time I tried to access the desktop. I'm not that patient to be frightened by the warning tone and shut it down again and again. Then my friend advised me to use Registry Nuke, and I did it. Somehow the creepy error is just gone. So I will keep this program on my PC in case other errors show up some day.

Michael Marshall

I've tried a couple of cleaning tools, and they all sort of failed me. But this one really knocks me out. It not only removes those unwanted registry entries, but also fixes the Registry errors, saving a lot of precious time. All things are presented in detail on the screen. You know exactly what will be deleted. It is practical and worth trying, otherwise I wouldn't bother to write this recommendation.

Glenn Broekhuizen

It happened a lot that an error message suddenly came out from nowhere when I was playing video games or watching a movie in full screen. It drives me crazy for real. Considering it could be caused by system errors, I downloaded this tool attempting to get rid of consequent troubles, and it surprisingly worked. My PC performance is optimized at the meantime. Thanks for giving me back my normal entertainment experience.

Jordan Jones

RegistryNuke System Requirements

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2000
Processor Speed Pentium 500MHz processor or better
Memory Required Minimum 64MB of RAM(128 MB recommended)
Hard Disk Space 50MB available hard disk space recommended
Display 1024Ă—768 screen resolution recommended

Limitation: The unregistered version of RegistryNuke allows you to fix 20% of the detected registry errors and other problems found by RegistryNuke. You can choose our USD $44.95 $29.95 one year subscription to fix all the detected errors. RegistryNuke is the best assistant for you to fix PC problems and maintain your computer in a better healthy status.