Taskman.exe Error – Tips to Fix Taskman.exe Error Messages

“TASKMAN.EXE System Error, Object Name not found”

Does the above message look familiar for you? You may come across this error message at certain moment on your computer. If you do not know how to deal with this problem, you should pay attention to this article, because in this article we focus on discussing about this error.

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KBD.exe Error – How can Fix KBD.exe Error Effectively on Computer

KBD.exe is designed by Logitech corporation as an executable file that often locate on the computer with the installation Logitech keyboard program suite, it is a useful file that specially used to assign shortcuts to special keys on the keyboards, so even though it is not an essential component for the operating system, for better and effective use of the computer, some people would still want to fix the KBD.exe error as soon as possible.

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Solutions to Fix Utildll.dll Error – Download Utildll.dll Error Fix Tool

Utildll.dll error is commonly happen in Windows base operation system. The file Utildll.dll usually locates in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder, it is part of the system dll file and frequently used by Microsoft WinStation application to ensure the its proper functioning, if you received error message regarding the Utildll.dll file, please refer to the solution provided in this article to get it fix promptly.

How to Fix Utildll.dll error

Utildll.dll error can be brought by various factors range from hardware issue to software problem, here we provide you a list of solution, you may apply the proper one according to your particular situation. Continue reading

Binkw32.dll – What Is Binkw32.dll? How to Fix the Binkw32.dll Errors Very Easily?

“This application failed to start because Binkw32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application might fix this problem.”

Are you being frustrated by the above error message? Have you ever been disturbed by the Binkw32.dll error? If your answer is yes, well, you should feel lucky now. Because in this passage, we will talk about this error. What is it? Why it takes place? And how to remove it. The Binkw32.dll error is a very common error, so pay a little more attention to that and you will find it’s useful for your computer life.

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AVP.exe Error – Solutions to Fix AVP.exe Error with Ease

AVP.exe is an executable file that published by Kaspersky Labs, it is generally stored in “Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus\avp.exe folder”, and used by Kaspersky security programs to protect your computer from dangerous Internet-bound threats. And the AVP.exe error just would cause many problems for your Kaspersky security program as well as your computer system security.

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Ymmapi.dll Error Fix Solution – What to Do If Encountered Ymmapi.dll Error

Are you suffering the Ymmapi.dll error? Tired of wasting time and energy to search solutions but all end up to be in vain? If you haven’t get this problem solved, refer to the solutions provided in this article to help you fix Ymmapi.dll error properly.

What is Ymmapi.dll

Ymmapi.dll file belongs to the Yahoo! instant messaging system which allows users to communicate with each other through the internet, it is popular among computer users and widely used by people all around the world. However, this file can sometimes cause troubles to PC users due to problems like registry corruption or malware attacks.

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Urlmon.dll – How to Fix Urlmon.dll Errors Easily and Safely?

“Cannot find [PATH]\Urlmon.dll”

When you are using or installing certain programs, have you ever seen the message on the above? This message indicates that the Urlmon.dll error happens. What is the Urlmon.dll error? Why does this error happen? How to repair this error? You can learn how to fix Urlmon.dll and related errors easily from this article.

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Repair Error Code 41 – How to Fix Error Code 41 on Computer

Many people in recently find that when they try to install or uninstall certain CD / DVD recording software on their computers, there will be an error message display on the screen which containing the Error Code 41. What does the error code mean? How can fix the problem well on computer? You can get the useful tips from the following content.

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Winword.exe Information and Error Fix Guide

Winword.exe is an important executable process for Microsoft Word program, it determines whether the Microsoft Word can run and save properly. There are times people may encounter errors that related to the Winword.exe process, typical error message is: “WINWORD.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program.An error log is being created”, and it is the sign that there is something wrong with Winword.exe process, encountering such error could end up malfunction of Microsoft Word program, but take it easy, you can refer to the below provided solution to get it fix quickly.

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Fix Ddraw.dll Error – This is How You Can Fix Ddraw.dll Error Easily

Ddraw.dll is a common error message in Microsoft Windows operating system. Ddraw.dll error may occur due to outdated DirectX function. It may also occur when a program that suddenly stops responding as you are trying to run it on your computer. Also, malware and corrupt registry files can contribute to this error. If you unfortunately came across ddraw.dll problem on your computer, there would be error messages pop-up on your computer:

  • “The .dll file is missing.”
  • “The ddraw.dll file is missing.”
  • “Ddraw.DLL file is out of date.”
  • “File not found. Reinstalling the application might fix this problem.”
  • “Error: Couldn’t open the file.”

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