Error Code 4 Occured – How can Fix Error Code 4 Instantly

Are you get annoyed by the error code 4 always displaying on the computer screen? And have you found the effective ways to fix this error on your computer system? If you are searching for the information of error code 4 and its corresponding fixing method, you will be interested in the following post.

Related messages of the Error code 4 often display when your try to install a new Windows operating system for your computer, and will not allow you to continue the install process, it is often because the installed one does not compatible with the current computer system, sometimes even though you try to reinstall the system, it also does not help and the error message will come out again, or it is just because the computer divers gets out of date, but many users do not realize this problem.

Related error massages of error code 4:

  • File\i386\KCDCOM.DLL the error code is 4
  • Error code 4 and can’t copy the setupdd.sys, hit any key to exit

How to fix the error on computer in an effective way

First of all – update your computer drivers

Sometimes the error just caused by the out-of-date computer drivers, so that you should firstly do an update for your computer drivers with a third party program or through the system settings (set an automatic update for the computer), and then check whether the error problem can be solved, if it does not work for fixing the error, turn to the next steps.

Second – make use of the Windows DOS Command Prompt to fix the system error

Compare to the firstly fixing way, this will demand the computer user for a more professional computer skill, so if you are just a fresh computer users or lack of professional computer knowlege, it is suggested to skip this fixing way. Windows DOS Command is a serious of useful tips that provided for common tasks like allowing computer user to directly change the Windows Registry or Windows Operating System components, or moving files…, so you can make use of this service to do a deep analysis and fix the registry error properly.

Ways to go to the Windows DOS Command Prompt

  • Start —> Run —> “Search”
  • Type “cmd” on the box and “Enter”

Third – performing registry fix for your computer

In many cases of the system errors, the most common reason is just the registry problem. as a very important hub for the computer system, those various Windows registries stored on the computer play a very important role for the system operation, if there is a Windows registry get corrupted or have any other problems, the computer system might immediately get into serious troubles like cannot start up the computer as usual or even make the system crash. Therefore, it is not suggested to manually perform the registry fixing job unless you are a very professional computer expert.

In this situation, as for many common users, what’s the best and also easy way on earth can help them fix the registry error on their PC? I think the answer will be an outstanding registry fixing tool, Registry Nuke is such a perform tool that is able to instantly detect different kinds of system error in a thorough system checking, and computer user just needed to select those detected errors and click on the fixing button, besides error code 4, other errors will be all repair effectively in a very short time, and moreover, its system optimizing feature will make your computer system achieve a more fluid and faster operation.

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