Winword.exe Information and Error Fix Guide

Winword.exe is an important executable process for Microsoft Word program, it determines whether the Microsoft Word can run and save properly. There are times people may encounter errors that related to the Winword.exe process, typical error message is: “WINWORD.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program.An error log is being created”, and it is the sign that there is something wrong with Winword.exe process, encountering such error could end up malfunction of Microsoft Word program, but take it easy, you can refer to the below provided solution to get it fix quickly.

Other possible Winword.exe error messages:

winword has caused an error in kernel32.dll
winword has caused an error
winword p17.dll
winword.exe nvqtwk

winword.exe error. Consequences

If your computer is having winword.exe error, you will not be able to use Microsoft Word as every time you open the program, the error show up and stop you from opening it. You need to fix winword.exe error as soon as possible, leaving this error in your computer can only bring you more troublesome problems even crash the entire computer

How to fix winword.exe error.

Solution 1: winword.exe error can sometimes caused by malware attacks, malware can be categoried in to several type such as virus, Trojan or worm, malware are usually bundle with freeware or poor-designed rough software that shared online, if your computer is unprotected, it can easily get infected by these threat, many of them are capable of damage critical system or program process such as winword.exe and bring you computer errors, in order to ensure the error won’t reappear again, you should conduct a malware scan with reliable anti-malware program first.

Solution 2: There is a Detect and Repair tool available in the Microsoft Word that could probably help you ditch the error without reinstalling the whole Microsoft office package. Here is the steps:

  • Open your Microsoft Word .
  • Go to Help menu, click on Detect and Repair
  • Follow the prompt wizard to complete the reparation
  • Restart your Word 2007
  • If you can not open Word, try access to the tool in other office tool like Excel or PowerPoint

Solution 3: Since registry corruption is one of the main cause of winword.exe error, if your computer has server registry corruption problem, the error can not be fixed by neither solutions mentioned above, you need to use professional and trusted registry cleaner help you to clean and repair the Windows registry and the winword.exe error will be gone naturally, you only need to perform these three simple steps:

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