Ymmapi.dll Error Fix Solution – What to Do If Encountered Ymmapi.dll Error

Are you suffering the Ymmapi.dll error? Tired of wasting time and energy to search solutions but all end up to be in vain? If you haven’t get this problem solved, refer to the solutions provided in this article to help you fix Ymmapi.dll error properly.

What is Ymmapi.dll

Ymmapi.dll file belongs to the Yahoo! instant messaging system which allows users to communicate with each other through the internet, it is popular among computer users and widely used by people all around the world. However, this file can sometimes cause troubles to PC users due to problems like registry corruption or malware attacks.

Ymmapi.dll error consequences

Unable to use Yahoo! instant messaging system.
Slow system start up time.
Affect system performance.
System halts or crashes randomly.

How to fix Ymmapi.dll error

Retrieve the missing dll file
When you encounter the Ymmapi.dll error, that pretty much indicates the dll file was missing from your system, as you can read from the error message “Ymmapi.dll file was not found”, ” Ymmapi.dll file is missing”, to fix the problem, you need to get a new copy and and place it back to the system, then the error will be fixed, you can do it by performing the below steps:

  • Visit search engine like google.com or bing.com
  • Search the term of Ymmapi.dll download.
  • Pick a reliable website from the result and download the file from it.
  • Open “My Computer” and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32
  • Place the downloaded file to this folder.
  • Click Start > Run > Type in cmd and hit OK
  • Type “regsvr32 Ymmapi.dll” in the appeared screen and press enter.
  • Restart your computer.

Defragment your computer
Too much disk fragment not only will slow down the disk reading and writing speed but also will lead to various dll errors like Ymmapi.dll error. Those fragments usually comes from frequent download of large file like video, game, software etc, you can apply disk defragment tool available in Windows to help you remove these fragments.

  • Click Start > All Program
  • Click Accessories > System tools> Disk defragment
  • Select the system drive you want to defrag and click OK
  • Wait patiently until the process finish
  • Note: if you haven’t defragment your drive for a long time, the process might take you 1 hours.

Fix Ymmapi.dll automatically
This should be the most effective way to fix the error, by using professional error repair tool like Registry Nuke, you can thoroughly scan over your computer for registry problem and other potential system dll/exe errors, this can be done in a minutes, by simply click on the Fix button, all the found problems will be fixed instantly. If you haven’t manage the error, please click here to download Registry Nuke, install it in your computer, then follow the wizard to fix Ymmapi.dll error easily.

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