Gdiplus.dll – What Is Gdiplus.dll? How to Fix Gdiplus.dll Errors Instantly?

Gdiplus.dll is a “dynamic link library” file used by the Windows operating system and its main function is to show graphics on your computer screen. Gdiplus.dll contains libraries for the GDI graphics interface. Even though this file is one of the most important for the entire Windows system, it’s continually causing a large amount of problems for many Windows PCs. If you find you have errors caused by this file, you should look to fix the various issues that could be causing it. If this file gets corrupted it can cause error on your computer and generally displays a message “GDIPlus.dll file not found” or missing. Such errors are caused when the important file gets deleted either accidentally or gets removed during disk cleaning. If you are receiving GDIPlus.dll errors on your computer, it’s likely because Windows will either have errors, or the actual gdiplus.dll file will not be working correctly.

GdiPlus.dll Error Messages

* GdiPlus.dll Not Found
* This application failed to start because GdiPlus.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem
* Cannot find [PATH]\ GdiPlus.dll
* The file GdiPlus.dll is missing
* Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: GdiPlus.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again

Consequence of GdiPlus.dll Error

Needless system pops up
Undesired Blue Screen of Death errors
Constant computer crashes
Browser freezes
Unexpected spyware attacks
Program uninstall failure

How to Fix GdiPlus.dll Error?

In order to fix GDIPlus.dll errors caused due to missing file you need to download the GDI plus program files. It includes required file which was missing in your system that probably caused the error. This is the most tranditional way to fix GdiPlus.dll error. You can follow method as below:

1. Rename the original gdiplus.dll file.
2. Download a new copy of gdiplus.dll file on the Internet and store the file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
3. The below steps can help you rename the gdiplus.dll:
4. Open Start and then select Run.
5. Input cmd in the Open box and click Enter.
6. At command quickly input cd c:\windows\system32 and then click Enter.
7. Next, input ren gdiplus.dll gdiplus.old.dll and click Enter.
8. Input exit and click Enter.

Note: You need to re-register the dll file. You can follow the steps to re-register GdiPlus.dll file to temporarily disable GdiPlus.dll error: Click Start > Press WINKEY + Ron the keyboard > type Cmd in the dialog box > press Enter > type regsvr32 -u GdiPlus.dll on the dialog box > Press” Enter”.

Maybe you would like to fix gdiplus.dll errors in another way. If you are not a PC expert or not good at PC konwledge, you can try to fix this dll error automatically. Over 93% of dll errors can caused by the Windows registry errors. It is highly recommended you detect and fix the Windows registry errors at first. If the registry keys are corrupted, damaged, you would keep receive the gdiplus.dll error message or other dll messages in the furture. As time passes and the long-time usage of the computer, the registry database will get corrupted with thousands of invalid/broken/missing entries. When the Windows Desktop Search cannot locate its required files or processes, it will generate the gdiplus.dll error.

How to Fix gdiplus.dll Errors Automatically?

You just follow three easy steps as below to fix the gdiplus.dll. Registry Nuke is a trusted registry cleaner combines with ultra powerful and professional utilities to help you improve the overall system performance through allowing you cleaning up junk files, tweaking memory usage and customizing system setting.

1. Free Download Registry Nuke From Here.

2. Click “Start Registry Scan” to diagnose the PC problems.

3. Click “Fix Errors” to repair ntkrpamp.exe error and any potencial PC errors.

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