How to Fix Appwiz.cpl Error – Appwiz.cpl Missing Problem Fix Guide

Appwiz.cpl is a system file which used by the command line arguments which belongs to the Programs and Features component of Windows, it is a kind of Windows process to invoke the “Add or Remove” feature. And the extension of Cpl is mainly use by the system for executing the operations in control panel.

Appwiz.cpl missing problem

If the Appwiz.cpl is missing from your system, which means it is deleted or absent from the original location of “C:\windows\system32”, you will not be able to use the “Add or remove program” (or Program and Feature) function of Windows, instead, error will pop-up when you are trying to open the Add or remove program. Appwiz.cpl missing problem can also affect other functions in the Windows Control Panel, you should take immediate action to fix Appwiz.cpl error before more problems are generated.

How to Fix Appwiz.cpl error

You may follow the below steps to fix Appwiz.cpl error with the System File Checker. For the safety of your computer, we recommend you to perform the fixing operation under Windows Safe Mode.

  • Restart your computer, before you see the Windows LOGO appear, press the F8 key on your keyboard to enter the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • Select Safe Mode in the Advanced Boot Options menu, press Enter.
  • Once you successfully entered the Safe Mode, double click to open My Computer, and locate the System32 folder of Windows (C:\windows\system32).
  • Rename the Appwiz.cpl file if you found it in the System32 folder
  • Close My Computer window. Go to Start > Run > Type in “cmd” and hit OK
  • Type in “SFC.exe /scanfile=C:\Windows\System32\Appwiz.cpl” in the Command Prompt window and press Enter key. This is the command to activate System File Checker utility to check on the existent of Appwiz.cpl file and rebuild a fresh copy.
  • Restart your computer to allow the new change takes effect, and the Appwiz.cpl error should be fixed by then.

Another possible cause of the Appwiz.cpl error is registry corruption, if this is the case, replacing the Appwiz.cpl won’t work to fix Appwiz.cpl error, the error won’t go away unless you clean up and fix the registry for the corrupt/invalid entries stored within, in order to do so, you need to use a reliable Registry Cleaner like RegistryNuke, you may click here to download RegistryNuke, install it in your computer and then follow the instruction to repair Windows registry thus fixing the Appwiz.cpl error.

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