How to Fix Runtime Error R6025 – Runtime Error R6025 Fix Guide

Runtime Error R6025 is one of the commonly seen runtime errors that many computer users may encounter from time to time. Runtime Error R6025 is associated with C++ programming. Usually this error happens when you are trying to use certain program related to C++, and the error message appears like:

runtime error R6025
– pure virtual function call

Cause of the Runtime Error R6025

Runtime Error R6025 shows up when a pure virtual function was called indirectly under the context of an abstract base class, which indicates the program is unable to communicate with the computer correctly. In some cases Runtime Error R6025 can also related registry problems and virus issue, do not ignore this error once you experienced, fix Runtime Error R6025 promptly is very important before it bring further damage to your computer.

How to fix Runtime Error R6025

It is suggested to run a full virus scan over the system with a reliable antivirus program to make sure your computer has no virus issue, then you can try the below steps to fix Runtime Error R6025

  1. Press Ctrl +Alt+Delete to open Windows task manager to close the program that brought you the Runtime Error R6025.
  2. Click the “Processes” tab on the Windows task manager, check on the list to locate all the processes related to the program that brought the Runtime Error R6025, then click end task button to close them all.
  3. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove program, locate and highlight the problematic program, click Remove button to remove it.
  4. Close the Add/Remove program window, go to Start > Run, type in “Cleanmgr”, click the drop-down menu and select the drive volume where the problematic program was previously installed in, then click OK
  5. After the system finished cleaning up all the junk files on the selected drive, reboot your machine. Double click the .exe setup file or insert the installation CD of the removed program to reinstall in your computer.
  6. After you finish the installation, run the program again to test if the Runtime Error R6025 error was fixed.

If the Runtime Error R6025 still persists, it may indicates the registry problem is the cause of the error. You may try to perform a registry clean up on your computer, simply download our recommended tool registry nuke here to scan and fix the registry problems and other system errors on your computer, this may help you to fix Runtime Error R6025 automatically

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