What is Wcap.dll Error and How to Fix It Properly

What is Wcap.dll

You may encounter Wcap.dll error and don’t know what is Wcap.dll and why this error happened. Wcap.dll file is a system file, it comes from the of WinPcap tool by CACE technologies, and will be stored in the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32, this file is used to enable the ink-layer can be accessed on the computer which makes it a crucial component to the system. There are times the file can be become a problem that cause you the Wcap.dll error, if you are suffering the error on your computer, please refer the below troubleshooting guide to solve the error.

Error causes

The Wcap.dll error usually can be caused by one of the following problems on your computer, you may check through this list and spot the right causes of your particular case, then adopt the corresponding solutions, this could help you get the error fix more effectively.

  • Wcap.dll file is corrupt or damage by virus/malware
  • Wcap.dll file is absent from your system
  • Windows registry is clogged up and become malfunction
  • Your system setting has been changed.
  • System drive is fragmented.

Solutions to fix Wcap.dll error

Restore the deleted Wcap.dll

This can be done by the following methods
If the file was deleted mistakenly, you should find it in the Windows recycle bin, simply go check the Windows recycle bin and right click on the file, select restore, and it will be back in your system safe and sound.

2. Manual solution

  • Visit google.com in your browser.
  • Enter the term of “download Wcap.dll” in the search blank and hit Search button
  • Locate a trusted website in the search result
  • Download the target file from the website
  • Then place the downloaded file to the directory of C:\WINDOWS\system32
  • Go to Start > Run and type in cmd in the appeared box.
  • In the pop-up black screen, type in “regsvr32 Wcap.dll” and press Enter key.

Copy the Wcap.dll file from another computer. You may use the Windows search feature to spot the file or you can go to the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32 directly to find out the file in it, them copy the file to storage device such as flash drive, then transfer it to your problematic computer and put it in the folder specified above.

Clean up registry problem

Registry problems can easily bring up Wcap.dll, actually over 60% of the Wcap.dll error cases are caused by registry issues, to get the problem fixed, you need to use reliable registry cleaner program to clean up all the invalid, wasted entries that stucked in the registry. Follow the below three simple steps to proceed:

Virus scan & system restore

Normally the Wcap.dll error can be fixed by one of the solutions above, if you tried out those solution but turn out that the error still persist, there are chances your computer is suffering from malware threat attacks, and part of your system files was damaged, you need to either performing a malware scan & removal or using the Windows restore feature to roll the system back to previous status.

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