LogonUI.exe Error Repair – How to Fix LogonUI.exe Error on Computer

What is LogonUI.exe?

LogonUI.exe is regarded as an executable file that utilized by Microsoft Logon User Interface, it is an indispensable process that should be used in the beginning when you first log-in to your operating system, and present you a screen that you can personally select which kind of user can enter your computer. This process cannot be neglected and should be protected from any attacks and corruption.

LogonUI.exe error is a tough nut for computer users

LogonUI.exe error is absolutely an unfortunate thing for the computer users, because this process has a specific function on the computer, without this important process, the computer will encounter the following problems and even make you cannot use it:

  • You are not allowed to create the multiple user accounts on the process of logging in the computer systems
  • Computer stability will seriously be affected without the program, many related applications cannot operate as usual
  • Related error messages will often display on your computer, and you will be annoyed and cannot do anything on your computer

Possible reasons for the error problem:

  • Some associated important registry keys are deleted or damaged
  • Related system settings or files are removed or overwritten
  • The LogonUI.exe has been removed mistakenly

Tutorials to effectively fix the error problem on computer system

Tutorial one – get a new version of the process WSAUpdater.exe or UserInit.exe

Both WSAUpdater.exe and UserInit.exe are essential processes related to the computer login functionality and LogonUI should depend on them to run, so to fix LogonUI.exe error, you can try to reinstall the two files and their specific locations with following instructions:

  1. Insert XP installation CD to your computer
  2. Press “R” and enter the recovery mode
  3. Type this content on the box “copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe”, and press “Enter”
  4. Restart the Windows
  5. Click on “Start” – “Run” – type “regedit ” – press “Enter”
  6. Find and locate the registry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows”
  7. Modify it as “C:\WINDOWS\System32\wsaupdater.exe”
  8. Go to check whether the error also appear on your computer

Tutorial two – replace LogonUI.exe File on computer

Due to the LogonUI.exe File probably have been dismissed or corrupted, you can do a reinstallation of the file with a newer version, it will not fix the file dismissed or corrupted problem, but also can support the computer more effectively. This process may require the computer user have a good computer knowledge, if you are a computer fresher and does not know a lot about the computer system, in order to protect your computer from getting the further corruption which could be cause by your improper operation, you should be very cautious when you fix LogonUI.exe error.

Step one: Put XP installation CD into the computer
Step two: press “WINDOWS KEY + R”
Step three: Type this content “expand D:\i386\logonui.ex_ %windir%\system32\logonui.exe” and press “Enter”

Tutorial three – make use of the registry cleaner

Numerous registries on the computer is a a large and also very important database for the computer system, it is used to stored important information and settings for the computer system, most of the system errors can be due to their related registries encounter some problems, so you can try to solve the registry problem to fix the error on your computer. Considering the registry is a special part of the computer system, it is not suggested to manually perform the registry fix job, a qualified registry cleaner is much more suggested to install and utilize, this program will perform very sophisticatedly and help you fix LogonUI.exe error quickly.

Among various registry cleaners available online, Registry Nuke is a good one that is worth for recommending to use, if you still do not have a registry cleaner on your computer, you can download it for a try, it will be a good assistant for you to many those registry issues.

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