LogonUI.exe Error Repair – How to Fix LogonUI.exe Error on Computer

What is LogonUI.exe?

LogonUI.exe is regarded as an executable file that utilized by Microsoft Logon User Interface, it is an indispensable process that should be used in the beginning when you first log-in to your operating system, and present you a screen that you can personally select which kind of user can enter your computer. This process cannot be neglected and should be protected from any attacks and corruption.

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What is Wcap.dll Error and How to Fix It Properly

What is Wcap.dll

You may encounter Wcap.dll error and don’t know what is Wcap.dll and why this error happened. Wcap.dll file is a system file, it comes from the of WinPcap tool by CACE technologies, and will be stored in the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32, this file is used to enable the ink-layer can be accessed on the computer which makes it a crucial component to the system. There are times the file can be become a problem that cause you the Wcap.dll error, if you are suffering the error on your computer, please refer the below troubleshooting guide to solve the error.

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Gdiplus.dll – What Is Gdiplus.dll? How to Fix Gdiplus.dll Errors Instantly?

Gdiplus.dll is a “dynamic link library” file used by the Windows operating system and its main function is to show graphics on your computer screen. Gdiplus.dll contains libraries for the GDI graphics interface. Even though this file is one of the most important for the entire Windows system, it’s continually causing a large amount of problems for many Windows PCs. If you find you have errors caused by this file, you should look to fix the various issues that could be causing it. If this file gets corrupted it can cause error on your computer and generally displays a message “GDIPlus.dll file not found” or missing. Such errors are caused when the important file gets deleted either accidentally or gets removed during disk cleaning. If you are receiving GDIPlus.dll errors on your computer, it’s likely because Windows will either have errors, or the actual gdiplus.dll file will not be working correctly.

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What’s Autochk.exe – How can Fix Autochk.exe Error on Computer?

Autochk.exe is an executable file that created by Microsoft and can generally be found in Task Manager, it is used to make the core system settings come back to the original situation and locate in C:\Windows\system32\autochk.exe, most of people (except for those computer professionals) don’t know what it is until its related error reports appear on their computer screens, like:

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Wmdrmsdk.dll Error Easy Fix Guide

What is Wmdrmsdk.dll

Wmdrmsdk.dll is a file component of Microsoft DRM, this is not a system processes file but only comes from the installation of related software, usually the file was stored in C:\WINDOWS\system32. Although it is not a critical system file, some people still encounter Wmdrmsdk.dll error when starting certain programs, see the error messages

  • “Cannot find [PATH]\Wmdrmsdk.dll”
  • “The file Wmdrmsdk.dll is missing.”
  • “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: Wmdrmsdk.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.”

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jucheck.exe – What Is jucheck.exe? How to Fix jucheck.exe Errors Quickly?

What Is jucheck.exe?

“jucheck.exe” is part of the Java Runtime from Sun Corporation which is the Java update verification process. jucheck.exe will check on the internet for available updates for the Java software installed on your computer. If Java updates are available, it will notify you and/or manage the download and install of the updates. (Similar exe file of jucheck.exe: java.exe, javap.exe, Checksum.exe, nViewSetup.exe) If you got jucheck.exe error on your system, you had better fix it immediately to make the Java updates run normally. This article is going to show you how to fix jucheck.exe and related errors easily and safely.

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What is D3d9.dll – How to Fix D3d9.dll Error on Your System

The d3d9.dll file is a DirectX 9 dynamic link library file that assists support the utilities and functionality of DirectX 9 application. Its primary function is to add DirectX functionality to many Windows games and applications. Errors are usually generated when an application requiring DirectX 9 or later is run on a computer that has an older version of DirectX installed.
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Error Code 4 Occured – How can Fix Error Code 4 Instantly

Are you get annoyed by the error code 4 always displaying on the computer screen? And have you found the effective ways to fix this error on your computer system? If you are searching for the information of error code 4 and its corresponding fixing method, you will be interested in the following post.

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Fix Vcomp.dll Error Automatically – How to Guide

Vcomp.dll file information<

Vcomp.dll is a dll file that usually locates in the \WINDOWS\system32 folder of system drive, it is part of the Microsoft integrated development environment – Microsoft Visual Studio You may not know what is Microsoft Visual Studio, actually this development environment is wildly used to develop many console and graphical user interface applications, if Vcomp.dll was not stored in the right place or missing from your system, you will not be able to get Microsoft Visual Studio function properly but continually getting the below error messages:

  • “Vcomp.dll Not Found”
  • “[Application name] failed to start because vcomp.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
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ntkrpamp.exe – How to Fix ntkrpamp.exe Errors for Slow PC?

What Is ntkrpamp.exe?

ntkrpamp.exe error is one of the common exe errors of Windows PC. You might receive this error message on your computer more than one time. Sometimes, you would get blue screen error 0×00000039,c0x8b2d3228,0×00000000, 0×00000000, 0×00000000; STOP: 0×00000035 c0x8CAF2088,0×00000000, 0×00000000, 0×00000000. ntkrpamp.exe is a Windows system file. It provides not a single but many functions of operating system to make the PC run properly. ntkrpamp.exe should not be terminated since it is an important system file. If you receive ntkrpamp.exe error messages or blue screen of death error caused by this executable file, you had better fix ntkrpamp.exe immediately.
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