How to Fix D3d8.dll Errors – A Troubleshooting Guide

Are you receiving D3d8.dll error when installing or removing a specific software? Are you anxious about the frequent prompts of this error? You might not be paying enough attention to error messages like this. Though D3d8.dll error is considered as a Window system error, it would bring you more serious problems if you do not treat it well.
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Jvm.dll Error Fix – How to Repair Jvm.dll Error on PC

Jvm.dll is a Dynamic Link Library that has a close relationship with Java 2 platform Standard edition from Sun Microsystems, Inc. It is often locates on your computer system with the installation of other third party application like Adobe Dreamweaver or IE8. So even though it is not an essential system file on your computer, if this DLL gets some errors, it will lead your computer to many troubles.

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Fix Msvcr80.dll Error Properly – How to Guide

Fix Msvcr80.dll error

Msvcr80.dll is part of the Windows C Runtime Library, it is applied by lots of application that written by Microsoft Visual programming language, the main function of this file is to ensure all the related program can function properly. Msvcr80.dll is also used by games to allow the system process graphics, sound and FX successfully. Some people may experience errors related to the Msvcr80.dll, if you are one of those people, take it easy, this article should help you out.

Possible error message and causes

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Mqrt.dll – How to Fix Mqrt.dll Errors for Windows PC?

Are you encountering Mqrt.dll error or related Mqrt.dll problems on your slow PC? Mqrt.dll errors always happen when there is a battle in the path of your operating system. When you try to open some files, applications or just start up your computer then Mqrt.dll errors pop-up on the PC screen. The full name of this dll file is: Microsoft Message Queue Server. If you need to fix Mqrt.dll errors you should identify the specific causes of this file.

Symptoms of Mqrt.dll Error

• “Mqrt.dll Not Found”
• “This application failed to start because Mqrt.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”mqrt.dll

Why Does Mqrt.dll Error Appear?

There are several causes of the Mqrt.dll error and in order to fix the problem, you need to resolve the causes of it first.
1. You delete Mqrt.dll mistakenly so that it can not be found on your PC.
2. In the installation procession ofMqrt.dll related application, Mqrt.dll and its components were not installed successfully.
3. Your PC was attacked by spyware, virus and Trojan. Mqrt.dll was ruined and damaged.
4. There are some Windows registry errors on your PC. Mqrt.dll can not work properly.
5. Mqrt.dll was overwritten by other version which was not support the application.
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How to Fix Appwiz.cpl Error – Appwiz.cpl Missing Problem Fix Guide

Appwiz.cpl is a system file which used by the command line arguments which belongs to the Programs and Features component of Windows, it is a kind of Windows process to invoke the “Add or Remove” feature. And the extension of Cpl is mainly use by the system for executing the operations in control panel.

Appwiz.cpl missing problem

If the Appwiz.cpl is missing from your system, which means it is deleted or absent from the original location of “C:\windows\system32”, you will not be able to use the “Add or remove program” (or Program and Feature) function of Windows, instead, error will pop-up when you are trying to open the Add or remove program. Appwiz.cpl missing problem can also affect other functions in the Windows Control Panel, you should take immediate action to fix Appwiz.cpl error before more problems are generated.

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How to Fix Runtime Error R6025 – Runtime Error R6025 Fix Guide

Runtime Error R6025 is one of the commonly seen runtime errors that many computer users may encounter from time to time. Runtime Error R6025 is associated with C++ programming. Usually this error happens when you are trying to use certain program related to C++, and the error message appears like:

runtime error R6025
– pure virtual function call

Cause of the Runtime Error R6025

Runtime Error R6025 shows up when a pure virtual function was called indirectly under the context of an abstract base class, which indicates the program is unable to communicate with the computer correctly. In some cases Runtime Error R6025 can also related registry problems and virus issue, do not ignore this error once you experienced, fix Runtime Error R6025 promptly is very important before it bring further damage to your computer. Continue reading

A Guide on WHERE Clause Optimization in MySQL

The most important optimization in WHERE is in the SELECT – It just because that it works there. It can also be used for DELETE and UPDATE statements.

Moreover, the following optimization is just a part of that optimization. MYSQL has implemented a number of optimizations, but I didn’t test all of them here.

Some common optimization of MySQL are listed below:

1. You could try to remove those unnecessary parentheses, like:
((A AND b) AND c OR (((a AND b) AND (c AND d))))
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RegistryNuke 2012 Released Just Now!

RegistryNuke is an advanced registry errors detection tool to help your computer in the best way.
RegistryNuke is a registry cleaning tool that scans and removes all registry errors from your Windows Registry. However, it is not just limited to error detecting and registry cleaning; it is more like a system maintenance toolkit to keep your computer perform at its very best.

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Welcome to is the official website for the award-winning product RegistryNuke. RegistryNuke is the necessity for every Windows users to take good care of their Windows registry and other PC errors or problems.