RegistryNuke 2012 Released Just Now!

RegistryNuke is an advanced registry errors detection tool to help your computer in the best way.
RegistryNuke is a registry cleaning tool that scans and removes all registry errors from your Windows Registry. However, it is not just limited to error detecting and registry cleaning; it is more like a system maintenance toolkit to keep your computer perform at its very best.

Video guide – Fix Windows errors with RegistryNuke

RegistryNuke Features and Advantages

RegistryNuke is a simple tool that has been developed to offer the computer users to use it as easy as possible. With few clicks, RegistryNuke has a variety of features that make it possible to:

  • Boosts PC Speed – Optimize your Windows Registry with ease for a faster system speed. Professional but easy to control, RegistryNuke makes your computer run faster and better.
  • More Stable and Smooth System Performance – RegistryNuke will repair or remove harmful registry entries that can result in system instability and slowdown – all in a way that is efficient, powerful and fast, just in few mouse clicks!
  • Thorough Error Repair – Deeply scans and diagnose such errors as: ActiveX, broken file extension, dll, fonts, Service and many more.
  • Ultimate Registry Defrag – RegistryNuke performs complete registry restructuring and streamlines its efficiency.

How to Fix Windows Registry with RegistryNuke

RegistryNuke allows you to eliminate any registry items it detected during the scan. In the step 3 of scan process, you can clear the items that you want to remove from your system.

  • The Cleanup section will scan the Registry finding these invalid data references. Start the process by selecting Start Scan button. By default, all the areas prone to Registry errors are selected.


  • During the scanning process you can notice the Registry keys being analyzed. At any time you can abort the scan process by clicking the Stop Scan button.


  • Click on Fix Errors to start the removal of invalid registry entries, resulting in a fresh new registry with no outdated or invalid data.


  • RegistryNuke will fix these invalid registry entries resulting in a error free, smooth and stable computer.


RegistryNuke Customer Service:

Though you probably won’t need much additional assistance with this software, RegistryNuke offers you an outstanding customer service, which is available 24/7. Its helpful customer support team is always ready to help its customers to get the best outcome.


RegistryNuke is an efficient, user-friendly program. With a proper maintenance using RegistryNuke, you can make your computer be free of system errors and crashes, thus optimizing your system for outstanding performance.

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