Repair Error Code 41 – How to Fix Error Code 41 on Computer

Many people in recently find that when they try to install or uninstall certain CD / DVD recording software on their computers, there will be an error message display on the screen which containing the Error Code 41. What does the error code mean? How can fix the problem well on computer? You can get the useful tips from the following content.

What the Error Code 41 really is?

Many computer users may be confused about this error now. Error code 41 is actually such an error that closely related to the CD/DVD drive of your computer, if you do not install or uninstall the drive in a right way, this error code message will pop up on your computer screen. It is usually caused by the following circumstances on your computer: CD recording software leaving behind drivers when it has been removed from the computer; there are some associated registry errors occurring on your operating system; hardware encounters some problems.

Consequences your computer will result in

  • Associated error messages pop up on your computer very frequently
  • Computer system cannot operate smoothly and effectively
  • System freeze up or crash suddenly
  • CD/DVD drive cannot be used as usual
  • Computer system will operate with a very slow speed

Effective guids to fix Error Code 41 on computer system

Guides one – disconnect and reconnect the CD / DVD drive

Performing the disconnection and reconnection of the CD / DVD drive can effective allow the Windows to read all of the files it requires, so that just can fix Error Code 41 problem when it is just not recognized by the Windows or installed on the computer system improperly. And in some senses, it is to “reinstall” the device on your computer, and the detailed steps are:

  1. Check which party is the faulty hardware.
  2. Start >> Control Panel >> Device Manager, if you find there is a hardware that contains an exclamation mark, it may be the faulty one, additionally, you can click on the properties selection to check if there is a Error Code 41 appears.
  3. Fully uninstall the faulty driver from your computer, turn off PC
  4. Disconnect the hardware and boot up your computer system again, which is in order to let the computer system “forget” the removal of the hardware
  5. Turn off your computer again, and reconnect the previous disconnected hardware, reboot your computer again
  6. Open device manager >> click to search the hardware modifications om your computer
  7. The process will show that you have installed a new hardware and will guide you to go through the installation process.

Guides two – get a registry check and fix

Various registries stored on the Windows operating system play a very significant role for the computer system performance, many computer functionality and application operation have to read those registry files they require to support their performances, where there is a system error problem on the computer, fixing the related registry file is usually an almighty solution, therefore, if the negative error code displays on your computer, checking and fixing the corresponding registry errors will be the most effective way to help you fix Error Code 41.

Considering there are a lot of important registry files gathering on one common place, the fixing way should be very cautious and is not allowed to make any removing error, because mistakenly deleting an essential registry will create many serious problems or troubles for your computer system performance. So I would like to advice you to equip your computer with an advanced registry fix tool like RegsitryNuke, which can effectively help you check and repair the existed system error which including fix Error Code 41 with an automatic operation.

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