What is D3d9.dll – How to Fix D3d9.dll Error on Your System

The d3d9.dll file is a DirectX 9 dynamic link library file that assists support the utilities and functionality of DirectX 9 application. Its primary function is to add DirectX functionality to many Windows games and applications. Errors are usually generated when an application requiring DirectX 9 or later is run on a computer that has an older version of DirectX installed.

When it becomes corrupt it generates an error message. Typical error message alerts that show up on your screen every time you encounter this problem would include:

  • “D3d9.DLL Not Found”
  • “D3d9.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this.”
  • “The file d3d9.dll is missing”
  • “File d3d9.dll not found”

How to fix d3d9.dll problems

Update DirectX to the latest version
Downloading and installing the most recent version of DirectX usually provides a fix for this error. By updating DirectX, you will also overwrite the existing one, thereby providing the computer with new files and settings to access. Conveniently, the official website of Microsoft provides the download link of DirectX for users to update.
D3d9.dll is located in C:\Windows\System32 by default. There are two methods to get the file update, either you click Open or Run to process the upgrade from its current location or you can instead downloading the upgrade version and placing it in the computer. By clicking save and opening it, the installation will automatically proceed.

Copy d3d9.dll file from other computer
If d3d9.dll is missing, copy it from a computer with a similar configuration. Search for D3d9.dll by using the “Search” feature in the “Start” menu.
After that,

    • press “Start” located on the bottom of desktop.
    • Click on”Run” or search “Run” on Windows Vista & 7.

    • As soon as a box shows up, type “cmd” in the blank.

  • When a black screen appear , you should type in “regsvr32d3d9.dll” and then press “Enter”.

This process will enable you to alter the old file with the new one.

Still having problems troubleshooting d3d9.dll problems?

    • Click Fix Errors button to fix d3d9.dll error and other found problems.

RegistryNuke is our recommended tool that works to fix d3d9.dll problems and issues on your system. You can use this cleaner to stop viruses, errors and faults with your system. If the registry gets damaged, infected, or corrupted, then Windows will not be able to correctly access the files it requires for it to load up programs. As it happens all the time, problems and errors like the d3d9.dll error occur. To fix and prevent it in the future, you’d better download and run a registry optimizing tool. RegistryNuke is the highly recommended software.

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